A Guide to Gifting: The Underwear Matrix

Gift buying. So fun, right? Satisfying when you know you’re giving the perfect gift and frustrating when you have no clue what to get. I still love the hunt, though, because it brings me to places and products I wouldn’t otherwise discover. If you’re lucky, you gift something that you or the receiver end up using for life. The holy grail of gift-giving always comes when you least expect it.

Take, for example, men’s underwear. You can always order the tighty-whities from Amazon, but I recently explored the online universe for something a little more exciting. And I found it. In a fun new discovery for me called Hardhaus. Have you seen these? It’s my new obsession.

Their products are, quite simply, gorgeous. The colors are spectacular and bold, and it just makes me happy to look at them. The brand says it was inspired by the “courage, grit and fortitude of early Norwegian sailors who braved dangerous storms to provide for their communities.” That’s a big idea, but it works for me. When I see these colorful briefs, they remind me of the maritime signal flags on sailboats or the Tibetan prayer flags you see planted on the path up Mt. Everest. Certainly two adventurous pursuits worthy of Viking legend.

Now, confession time. I love underwear. Not mine (I’m a girl) but yours. Get your mind out of the gutter; this is not that kind of blog. What I mean is, I love getting a peek at who you are by seeing what underwear you choose. And for the record, I think men’s underwear has much more going on, style-wise, than women’s underwear. More meat on the bone, so to speak. To each his own, be quiet.

For me, it’s a pastime. Like people-watching at the airport when you’re waiting for your flight. You’re already bored with the books on your tablet, so you start imagining the backstories of your fellow travelers. I love getting a peek at an underwear label and extrapolating who you might be. It's the underwear matrix; Tighty-whities, you’re pragmatic. Designer label, you like making an effort. Bieber in his Calvins works. David Beckham or Rafael Nadal in anything works even better. They’re all fun clues for me.

Back to Hardhaus. As if the colors and branding weren’t cool enough, there’s a great feeling at checkout that just puts this gift buying adventure over the top for me.

So guys, let your freak underwear flag fly and know I’ll be supporting you all the way, but if you’re sporting those Hardhaus colors, know I’ll be feeling the wind in my hair as we all sail through our life’s adventures together.


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