About Us

Hardhaus, Inc. is an apparel company specializing in men's underwear.  The company was founded with a mission to create ultra-comfortable underwear that looks great on any guy.  No one should have to choose between underwear that fits just right and underwear that looks great.

All our garments are made from a carefully selected mix of cotton and modal that ensures a soft, yet body defining fit.  The beech tree-based modal makes the boxer briefs strong, soft to the touch and absorbs moisture better than other types of fabric.  We mix it with cotton so that the garment breathes and leaves the wearer cool and comfortable.  Our boxer briefs come in different cuts with a variety of color options to cater to peoples' unique tastes and individuality.

We also wanted to create a brand that celebrates masculinity and pays tribute to the brand's Norwegian roots, so we chose the name Hardhaus - which is the Norwegian term for a man of courage, grit and fortitude.

Hardhaus is co-headquartered in Oslo, Norway and San Francisco, California.

You can contact us at info@hardhausapparel.com.